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Introduction of the Center

Daejeon Metropolitan City Volunteer Center plays the role of recruiting volunteers, providing work according to the characteristics and allocating them at the volunteer places. In addition, it offers guides with regards to the meaning, value and method of volunteer as well as training. It assists enhancing the value of volunteers through various accreditation and compensation programs and helps maintain continuous activities.
It is also involved in various projects such as establishing cooperative system with volunteer institutes and groups, developing volunteer programs, international exchange and cooperation on volunteer, operation and support of 1365 Volunteer System and other projects that can contribute to the promotion of volunteering.

Key businesses

1. Volunteer training project to foster proper volunteer
2. Expansion of volunteer base for citizens to participate
3. Volunteer promotion project on fulfilling the culture of sharing
4. Establishment of volunteer network based on solidarity and cooperation
5. Accreditation and compensation system to expand the culture of preferential treatment for outstanding volunteers
6. Nobless oblige to expand corporate social contribution and sharing
7. Operation of 1365 Volunteer Portal, volunteering 365 days a year!
8. Operation of global overseas volunteer team for common prosperity in humanity through sharing and volunteering
9. Operation of global overseas volunteer team for common prosperity in humanity through sharing talents
10. Promotion campaign for preventing social issues

Introduction of foreign volunteer team and how to subscribe

Daejeon Metropolitan City Volunteer Center operates a global foreigner volunteer team in order to indirectly provide opportunities for foreigners residing in Daejeon to experience our culture through volunteer activities. Foreigners, students or exchange students residing in Daejeon Metropolitan City are eligible for application all year around.

  • Activity period : April ~ November every year
  • Recruitment period : All year around
  • Subject : Foreigners residing in Daejeong Metropolitan City (adult), university student (exchange student, overseas student and others)
  • Activity details

    (1) Volunteer activities in farms and Volun Tour
    (2) Making Korean traditional food and visiting those in neglected class living alone
    (3) Daejeon Hyo Culture Promotion Institute, Hyo Culture Experience and cleaning Ppuri Park
    (4) Organizing tombs in the National Cemetery (organizing tombs within the National Cemetery)
    (5) Sharing songpyeon (half-moon rice cake) in Chuseok (Making and sharing songpyeon in Chuseok)
    (6) Sharing briquette of love (delivering briquette to low-income group households) and others

  • How to participate : After filling in the application form, register via e-mail ( and facsimile (042-270-2299)

• Daejeon Metropolitan City Volunteer Center awaits the participation of those who wish to share and enjoy together
• To apply for volunteering, dial 1365

Activity details

Organizing tombs at the National Cemetery Sharing songpyeon (half-moon rice cake) in Chuseok Sharing briquette of love Making kimchi

Find us


(35242) Volunteer Center, 16th Floor, 100, Dunsan-ro, Seo-gu, Daejeon Metropolitan City (Daejeon Metropolitan City Hall, Dunsan-dong)

Public transportation

  • Exit No. 1, 2, City Hall Station, Subway Line No. 1
  • Blue Bus No. 104, 106, 316, 617, 703, 705, Daejeon Metropolitan City Hall Station
  • Green Bus No. 911, 918, Daejeon Metropolitan City Hall Station

Telephone number

T. 042-270-2292 ~ 8